Technology Strategy

Even in today’s advanced world of technology and computing, many organizations are confused over what direction they should pursue when it comes to their enterprise technology strategy.

3E Consulting is here to make your efforts less confusing. With our experience in the technology industry and our team of consultants whom we mandate must stay in the forefront of emerging technologies, we work closely with you and the technology partners to determine the correct strategy not only for the short term but for the long term survival of your organization. We take an objective look at your organization and will recommend the best solution available. We take into consideration you vision, budget, current IT strategy (or non strategy), current IT investment, business orientation and numerous other items that most consulting firms would not consider. The strategy solution must be an Enterprise-wide solution to best meet your needs. Our approach is agnostic therefore our solution will also be agnostic and our goal is to suggest the best solution in relation to your entire environment and means.

3E Consulting offers Technology Strategy in:

  • IT Enterprise Strategy
  • IT Transformation (applications, solutions delivery and infrastructure)
  • IT Cost Reduction
  • IT Organization Development
  • IT Diagnostic and Assessment

Capitalize on the 3E Consulting experience. We have helped our clients establish winning strategies in technology by always maintaining the alignment between Business and Technology.
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