Systems Integration

3E Consulting understands the need for their clients to have streamlined technology that works across their entire organization. Today technology must be integrated and seamless so that organizations can best utilize and leverage their investment in technology to increase overall revenue and profits.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
EAI is defined as the use of software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise-wide computer applications. 3E Consulting addresses each client as a unique and independent project. We do not adopt a cookie cutter approach because no two clients are identical. Our goal is to ensure Business and Technology alignment. IT alignment throughout the enterprise is the targeted end result regardless of the platform, technology, or software application.

As part of our strategy we use the latest technologies and protocols and integration topologies such as hub-and-spoke and bus. Our approach looks across the entire organization improving connectivity through the use of Standard Adapters when available. Custom Adapters are created using standard practices and methodologies to ensure performance and software compliance. Platform and data integration practices are deployed to ensure effectiveness and efficiency across the entire Enterprise.

Advantages of EAI are:

  • Real time information access among systems
  • Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency
  • Maintains information integrity across multiple systems
  • Ease of development and maintenance

3E Consulting takes an agnostic approach to what technology should be used within your organization. With experience in most of the top tiered technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk, we will always recommend the right solution for your organization for the present as well as the future.

Business Process Automation (BPA)
BPA is now being considered as a part of integration. BPA is used to contain costs! It consists of integrating applications, cutting labor wherever possible, and using software applications throughout the organization. So what better way to achieve a solid enterprise integration goal by automating your manual processes with software? These software applications could already exist within your environment. If not a new state of the art technology may be the answer. By automating repetitive processes that are used widely throughout an organization, a company will begin to reap the overall benefits of reduced costs in labor, software and technology maintenance (just to name a few benefits). The processes and areas that companies can target are almost endless.

3E Consulting will work with both the technology group and the business units to understand how your organization works, documenting workflows, identifying areas of redundancy and countless other tasks. We will identify the processes and develop a solution that best fits your needs. If there is a common technology or platform of choice that you have embraced we will work within those guidelines. If not we will present the best solution we feel should be deployed. In either case we will work with you throughout the implementation to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness is being realized.

Some of the technologies and solutions that 3E Consulting recommends and implements but are not limited to:

BizTalk .NET InfoPath SharePoint

Contact 3E Consulting and ask us to assist you in planning an EAI or BPA engagement for your organization.
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