Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Software as a Service: SOA defines a new paradigm of communication between distributed systems, offering services using standard industry defined protocols. In this rapidly changing business environment, companies are adopting a new strategy to lower ownership costs of systems by distributing them as services, thus improving their bottom line ROI.

SOA unifies business processes by structuring large applications as an ad hoc collection of smaller modules called "services". SOA services feature “loose coupling” and interoperability between different systems creating an environment for integration between applications on different platforms through a communication protocol.

3E Consulting realizes the need for clients having enterprise applications to be SOA ready. Our approach is to check if the applications provide any scope for operating as a service and discuss them with clients. The goal is to provide a flexible solution that can reduce the overall development efforts while improving the system quality.

Contact 3E Consulting and help us evaluate if your company is SOA ready.

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