Custom Application Development

In the last decade the phrase “custom application development” has taken on a new definition. For the most part developing enterprise or mission critical applications from scratch is no longer the way businesses address their application needs. Custom coding and programming is still being done but it is secondary to how systems are being developed and how organizations deploy applications to run their business.

3E Consulting specializes in working with clients in developing applications in numerous technologies and platforms. We stay in the forefront of technology as it advances and works closely with technology vendors to be one of the premiere systems integration companies that work with their latest and best technologies. Our consultants are well-versed in all the standard platforms and frameworks that are deployed in today’s organizations that include but are not limited to:

.NET Visual Basic C# Java PL/SQL AS/400

Technologies and Data Structures that our consultants are experienced in include but are not limited to:

BizTalk InfoPath SharePoint SQL Server

3E Consulting’s Approach to Client Projects
3E Consulting offers numerous solutions to assist our clients in achieving their desired project goals effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to make our clients want to build long term relationships with us due to our professionalism, successful services delivery and cost efficiency.

3E Consulting was set up to be practice and methodology centric. Our delivery organization is bound by client friendly flexible standard practices and methodologies for Project Management and Software Development. We believe that adherence to standards and practices can continually improve how we do business and services to our clients. We believe in project management and testing processes which are at the core of our delivery mechanism.

At 3E Consulting we offer project delivery services tailored to our clients needs.

Traditional Application Development Services
3E Consulting will engage with clients in a traditional manner. Our resources will be on the client site as needed for the various stages from the beginning of the project until the end of the support phase. We can alter this traditional approach if necessary by having only select key 3E resources at the client site and the remainder working at our corporate offices. 

Blended On-Shore / Off-Shore delivery
This approach is quickly becoming the most popular method of project delivery for our clients. It provides clients with our world class delivery and solutions services but at a significantly reduced cost. Our approach embraces a blended delivery methodology to a successful engagement. We utilize resources that will be on-site with the client and resources that are located in our offshore software development center. This facility is a 3E Consulting facility and the resources are full time 3E Consultants. We do not use contractors or brokers for any part of our projects as part of our offshore component! This offshore development center is mandated to adhere to the same practices and methodologies as our resources that are at the client site. The advantage of this blended approach is a significant cost savings to our clients. A client can expect to save an average of 40% to 60% using this approach. Typically the blended approach equates to 30% of the project being done onshore and 70% offshore but it can vary from project to project.  This approach is entirely transparent to the client.

3E Consulting is the answer to your Application Development and Support needs. Call us to discuss how we can reduce your development costs and increase your productivity. With the advantage of an expertly developed application that was engineered to be easily maintained embracing standard frameworks and methodologies, the end result will yield long term reduced maintenance costs.
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